21 Advantages of the international undergraduate degree:

  1. Prepare for living and working in a global economy
  2. Develop relationships with people of other nations
  3. Become more independent; take more responsibility
  4. Think for yourself
  5. Save college costs and, perhaps, time in earning the Bachelor's degree
  6. Bridge the gaps in understanding between our culture and theirs
  7. Give parents a good reason to travel abroad during the college years
  8. Develop new language skills
  9. Challenge assumptions in American perspectives on global economics, politics, society, and the environment
  10. Travel to other interesting places easy to reach from your university
  11. Learn to be homesick... then recover, and move forward
  12. Make lifelong friendships that will connect you to places and people around the world
  13. See what works well, and not so well, in another country
  14. Learn courage... and stamina... and be slow to judge others
  15. Construct a network that will sustain you in your education and in your career
  16. Change
  17. Become a citizen of the world and understand the wisdom and privilege of that perspective
  18. Become part of the small, skilled population of internationally educated workers sought after for their dynamic multicultural and cosmopolitan understanding
  19. Develop a sophistication and cultivation that permits you to access exceptional opportunities
  20. See global issues from a mature global perspective and value other perspectives
  21. Have faith in reasoned dialogue as the way forward in transnational negotiations