Hey! I’m Joe. I’m a counselor, educator, learner, parent, and unshakeable believer in the amazing talent and goodness that lives inside every individual.

I’ve always been curious about how people get to be the way they are. How do people grow from their teens through their eduction years to become successful in their lives and in society?  How do they face down obstacles that could block the road to a good life? And, how close do they think they got to doing their absolute best?

My entire career has focused on working for and with youth and adults to help them figure out important next steps in their lives. When I was a bank management trainee straight out of college, I sprinted to my car at the end of the work day to go help teens in Junior Achievement, or to coach a young women’s softball team, or to play guitar in a folk group. I couldn’t wait to be involved in people getting better at something they love. So, I became a counselor and worked in schools overseas and in the US, and in programs that advance the education and careers of youth and adults. 

I've always wondered - What is the missing support that a person requires to achieve something extraordinary, which is actually within their reach? I want to help young people better understand and express their strengths, clarify their dreams, and take concrete steps to make those dreams come true.