Hi! I’m Joe Heyer, founder of The Larger Context, Inc. I’m a dad, a counselor, educator, learner, and unshakeable believer in the amazing talent and goodness that lives inside every individual.

I started this project to help teens and parents prepare themselves for the challenge of college or university, and the careers that follow. I’ve been privileged to work with hundreds of students and families from around the world to help them make decisions leading to college success at every level, in the US and abroad. What all students seek is a good fit where they can strive to make their dreams come true.

Getting a great college or university education requires excellent preparation. Students and parents have many opportunities to enhance learning potential and create an appetite of curiosity and persistence necessary for success.

I've wondered... What is the missing support that a person requires to achieve the extraordinary, which is actually within their reach? What do parents and teens need to help young people better understand and express their strengths, clarify their dreams, and make those dreams come true? 

The answer boils down to this: students must honestly assess and improve their personal talents and habits, their social interactions, and their understanding of the world around them. Parents make a huge difference in that process. I'm here to serve teens and parents as you strive for a great education, a satisfying career, and a fulfilling life. 

The Larger Context began in Burlington, Vermont in 1988 as a non-profit dedicated to advancing socially responsible careers. With public, private, and nonprofit partners, we created the Alternative Careers Forum to stimulate conversations about "careers with a conscience."

 Success, in the broadest sense, requires a mind and a heart that respond to social and environmental challenges in meaningful ways. We view the choice of work as an ethical choice, recognizing a relationship between our actions and their impact on the world. Education informs that ethical choice. We recommend International education for those who seek the broadest scale of impact.

Today, we nurture the personal, social, intellectual, career, and leadership growth and maturity of individuals to prepare them for lifelong prominent roles in the classroom, in organizations, and in community.